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Welcome to the Gap!

This is a fascinating, exciting, and tender love story of a beautiful Virginia mountain girl and a handsome young mining engineer from the East. The drama depicts the story of the great boom in Southwest Virginia when the discovery of coal and iron ore forced the lusty, proud mountain people into making many drastic changes in their way of life. The burst of the industrial revolution was upon them.

The homespun wit and humor of these mountain folk is intermingled with stark tragedy, suspense, very often violence and their final acceptance of their inevitable destiny. All are portrayed in this musical drama to bring it to a happy ending. A superb evening of family entertainment.

The drama, interwoven with beautiful, haunting folk music, some of it original, is performed live before a magnificent 72-foot panoramic painting of the valley known as Lonesome Cove.

Special thanks to our sponsors for making this season happen: Big Stone Gap, Cumberland Gap National Park, Pro-Art Association, Bike Beat Mountain Bikes, Culinary Reviewer, Great Outdoors Camping Supplies, Campanda RV Rentals, ATCO Campsite Catering.


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