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Was "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" originally a book?

Yes. It was written by literary great and former Big Stone Gap Resident, John Fox,Jr. Before the introduction of paperback books, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine was only outsold by the Bible and Gone With the Wind.


Has there ever been a movie about "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine"?

Yes, three actually. The first was a silent picture produced by C.C. Demile in 1914. The second, directed by Charles Maingene was released in 1923. The third and most popular version was released in 1938 and starred Henry Fonda, Fred McMurray, Madeline Carroll and Spanky McFarland. It was the first film ever produced in Technicolor.


Are most of the characters based on real people?

Yes. John Fox, Jr borrowed heavily from the stories of many colorful local personalities.


What is the June Tolliver House?

Adjacent to the amphitheatre, it is the house where the character of June lived while she attended school in Big Stone Gap. It is a registered Virginia and National Historic Landmark. A four story 1890's Victorian Structure houses gift shop, art gallery, local school memorabilia and other historic items.  Built by Jerome Duff.


What is the Duff Academy?

The Duff Academy is where the character June went to school. It was built by Jerome Duff after he became disillusioned with the public schools.


What kind of weather should I expect?

It is best to dress for moderately warm weather, but have a jacket handy in case the night air is cool. It is also a good idea to bring an umbrella for summer showers.


Are the facilities handicap accessible?



How many people will the outdoor theater hold?

Approximately 400 people.


Is it true that audience volunteers act as the jury in the trial of Bad Rufe Tolliver?

Gentlemen of the audience will be chosen  to be apart of the court room scene in the jury.  The Clerk of the court will call them to the stage before the trial. All jury members will receive a certificate of participation.


Why should I see your show?

Good, clean, quality family entertainment, original and traditional LIVE music and dancing, very impressive special effects, the longest running outdoor drama in Virginia, plenty of other interesting things to do during your visit, amazing 72 foot panoramic painting of the "Valley" as a scenic backdrop, beauty of the mountains that surround the playhouse, fresh mountain air,...and lots more!


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